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Private Area for Premium Software Users

Do not download updates to your computer unless you are current on support.

Windows Pawnshop Program includes MLA update - 20.17.00 1.0.4 (09/22/2016)   Also Download PremSoftOr.dll

Current PremSoftOr.dll includes MLA update

Simple MLA Standalone Program

TeamViewer for Remote Support TeamViewer for your
Remote Support!


The Damn Manual - You wanted it so here it is.  Adobe Acrobat Reader required.

Gun Book Conversion Program -- download, then place in \pawn2000 folder and call for instructions (used to separate gun book into 2 gun books)

More Instructions on setup.

Lexmark 2390 setup

Lexmark 2490 - 2400 Series Setup

Password User Levels

Oregon Rate Chart

Thumb Print Installation Instructions

Process Explorer